ReGroup 6/19 Recap

Here is the recap for Regroup on the 19th of June

Below is the Exercise we did in groups


This week’s article reminds us that community is part of God’s means to form us, shape us, and sanctify us as his children. The Holy Spirit uses our struggles and failures in community to reveal our sin and to show us our need for our hearts to be changed by the gospel’s promises and power. This is easy to agree with in the abstract, but it becomes genuinely life-changing—formative—when we see it working out in concrete situations.

So take a few minutes to think through the following questions and then talk about them as a community.

1. Identify a struggle you’ve had recently as an individual in community. It could be a conflict, a disagreement, or a misunderstanding—or maybe even a tendency to avoid community.

2. How does this struggle—or your response to it—expose your sin? What areas of unbelief, selfishness, or idolatry do you see in yourself? (Remember that if the situation you have in mind is a conflict or disagreement, your tendency will be to focus on the other person’s sin. And there may indeed be sin in the other person that needs to be dealt with! But for the purposes of this exercise, we’re asking you to reflect on what the situation reveals about your heart.)

3. How does Jesus’ death and resurrection (redemption accomplished) affect the way you respond to this struggle? Be specific. How does his death and resurrection set you free and meet your deepest needs?

4. How does the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit (redemption applied to our hearts and lives) free you to react differently in the midst of this struggle? Again, be specific. How does the Spirit’s presence and power free you to act redemptively ; that is, to bring God’s good out of a bad situation in joy, worship, and freedom?