There are several layers to the Year of Biblical Literacy. The layers are meant to work together, providing a more complete context and clarity throughout the year. We encourage you to participate in each important aspect to get the most out of our YOBL.


The primary goal of YOBL is learning the Scriptures and daily opening your heart and mind to God through the discipline of Bible reading. While we celebrate any personal habits that promote reading the Bible, we recommend the use of The Bible Project’s Read Scripture app to align with community reading. Our hope is to have our church family sharing the same readings daily.

Some might prefer to break up their reading throughout the day, reading one chapter in the morning and one chapter in the evening. It is important to find the pace that works best for you given your schedule, commitments and the natural limitations of your life. The point of YOBL is not to rush through Scripture to say you finished in a year but to become more biblically literate, and thus, more formed by the Bible in your relationship with God. If this means taking it slower (or faster) than the reading plan suggests, please do so.


YOBL is also about experiencing Scripture together in deeper community. The Bible is a communal book. It was meant to be read and discussed in community with others. To that end, we want to encourage everyone to join a Home group.

Homegroups are where we come together to be formed as the family of God. Each week, Homegroups will gather to discuss what they’re learning in their personal Scripture reading and/or the weekly teaching at the worship gatherings.

We will also offer periodic seminars and other opportunities for deeper learning.

YOBL will shape our Sunday worship gatherings across 2019. We will be teaching a number of series that keep pace with The Bible Project’s reading plan, allowing us to unpack the greater Gospel narrative across all of Scripture. The teaching will broken up into smaller, more digestible series to help our church follow the story of the Bible and the story of God within the Bible.


The Year of Biblical Literacy originated from a partnership between The Bible Project and a handful of churches in 2016 and has grown to see the participation of churches across the country. We will be making good use of The Bible Project’s resources across 2019 including exploration videos and their daily reading app. Visit The Bible Project to learn more about this incredible work.