How Do I Connect?

In his book, “The People’s Religion,” George Gallup Jr. concluded from his studies and polls that Americans are among the loneliest people in the world. We don't want that for anyone in our community. Our hope for you is that God would provide your family with authentic relationships through City Church. Moreover, we want to be clear in describing the normal pathway for connection.

STEP 1: VISIT A WEEKEND SERVICE. Connection begins by you attending our weekend services. We meet at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings at the City Church Campus. We would love to see you this Sunday. 

STEP 2: STOP BY CONNECTION CENTER. Their goal is to serve you as you begin to take steps toward connecting at City Church.

STEP 3: VISIT A HOMEGROUP. We believe Home Groups provide the best place for authentic relationships to develop. For more information about Home Groups, go to the Home Groups page or email the office at

STEP 4: ATTEND DISCOVER CITY CHURCH. This 3-week class several times a year. It's designed to serve new families by giving you an under the hood look at our church. It will exposes you to our vision and values, hopes and dreams. In addition to that, it provides a safe place for you to ask questions and gain clarity. We look forward to seeing you soon.