Community bible reading

"The word of God hidden in the heart is a stubborn voice to suppress." --Billy Graham

In 2018 we want you to hear from God, and take someone along with you. Hearing from God is the desire of every person who walks through the doors of our church, and we want to take this passion to another level. We want to do what is called Communal bible reading. God speaks through His Word; He makes clear His character and nature, humanity's character and nature, and how humankind can be reconciled to God through God's Son, Jesus Christ. In his Word, there are warnings for disobedience and promises for obedience, with the highest reward being God Himself.

With that said in the next days, we want to introduce you to the CBR Journal This is a tool that allows you to read the Bible alongside others and grow in community. We will start with answering the question "What is the CBR?" Watch the Introduction Video below.