This Week at City Church

 At Citychurch, everything revolves around our one sentence purpose statement: to extend the glory of God by making disciples through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This vision translates for us into three key values; gospelcommunity, and mission. Our weekly updates are designed to keep this focus.


At  third-year celebration on Sunday, Pastor Raphael asked the elders, Earl Neff and Larry Stout, to share the highlights of the past.  Both men focused on the gospel-centered growth seen in our church community.  Larry noted how amazing it is that so many in the church are participating in daily Bible reading together.  Let us continue to build on this strong foundation in our church and keep the Word of God first and foremost in our hearts!  

This week’s Community Bible Readings (CBR):  Mar 5 — Isaiah 37, Acts 22;  Mar 6 — Isaiah 38, Acts 23;  Mar 7 — Isaiah 39, Acts 24; Mar 8 — Isaiah 40,  Acts 25; Mar 9 — Isaiah 41,  Acts 26; and Mar 10 — Psalm 114.  

Nothing strengthens your study as much as having someone or a group to share your thoughts and questions with on the Bible.  If you would like to share your thoughts virtually with an on-line text group, contact the church office ( 


This week our Home Groups will be meeting on different days and at five locations and throughout our area.  

Home Groups.PNG

This week all the groups will be reviewing the message from our guest speaker, Doug Logan, on “Jesus on the Grind,” taken from Mark 6:30-44.  It was an extremely powerful message, and it can accessed from the church’s website,, under “resources.” 

“Legacy” is the youth ministry for grades 6-12 and meets every Thursday at the church from 6:30-8:30pm. If you have questions, contact our youth pastor Kevin Garza -


The church is planning on moving the services upstairs in just two weeks! This will be two weeks before Easter which is on April 1st. Two HUGE requests:  First, there will be work parties on Saturday for the next two weeks. If you can give an hour or two to help, please, please, please consider coming out. It would be greatly appreciated. Also, pray about who to invite to our “Coming Up” Party. We would like to have the largest attendance ever for our Easter Service!  

Move Upstairs.jpg

Throughout this year, we are praying for other churches that we have some connection. This week we want to pray for our guest pastor, Doug Logan, and his church, Epiphany Fellowship Church in Camden, New Jersey. There motto is “On the block, in the city, showing off the glory of Christ.”  Camden is a very, very rough mission field, but hope is emerging as the past year was the lowest murder rate Camden has seen in 30 years. The Wall Street Journal article noting this drop credits it to a “new community spirit.” The work of Epiphany Fellowship certainly has a hand in that!  Keep them in your prayers this week.


We are praying

for Epiphany Church