This Week at City Church

At Citychurch, everything revolves around our one sentence purpose statement: To extend the glory of God by making disciples through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  
This vision translates for us into three key values; gospelcommunity, and mission
Our weekly updates are designed to keep this focus.

The great Reformed theologian that Pastor Raphael loves to quote, John Calvin, said the Bible is like eyeglasses that allow us to see God and without the spectacles of Scripture, we are like an old person with blurry vision and unable to see God or see God in Creation.

So, let’s put on our glasses this week as we read together this week’s Community Bible Readings (CBR): 
Mar 19 — Isaiah 47, Romans 4; 
Mar 20 — Isaiah 48, Romans 5; 
Mar 21 — Isaiah 49,Rpmans 6;
Mar 22 — Isaiah 50,  Romans 7;
Mar 23 — Isaiah 51,  Romans 8; and
Mar 24 — Psalm 116.  

Remember, if you wish to share your thoughts and questions on the Bible, contact the church office to hook with an individual or anon-line text group ( 


This week is our Home Study Week, meeting at five locations on four days of the week throughout the area. If you do not belong to a group and would like to join one, check out your options under the "Home Groups" tab. 

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Our annual Easter potluck is coming up on April 15th right after the morning service! Check out the guest table to sign up and bring a dish to share! 

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As always, keep in mind that the “Legacy” youth ministry for grades 6-12 and meets every Thursday at the church from 6:30-8:30pm. Contact youth pastor Kevin Garza ( with any questions! 


This past Sunday, we had our first service “upstairs” in almost two years, and are so excited to see God's faithfulness at work! We would like to again remind everyone about parking — “the earlier you come, park further away.” There is parking across the street in the parking lot on 4th Street. Also, we are going to need more volunteers for greeting as we must direct people to the front door. We can always use more help with CityKidz, too! Please keep these matters in mind, especially as Easter Sunday approaches.    

Throughout this year, we are praying for other churches that we have some connection.  This week we want to pray for a new church that is starting in Baltimore, Maryland — Epiphany Church.  It is pastored by Charlie Mitchel and Trevor Chin.  Charlie served under Doug Logan in Camden, NJ for two years and is joined with Trevor who is an accomplished musician that has produced tracks for national recording artists.  Trevor has been chairman of the launch team for the new church.  They have asked for prayer for their leadership team, for good relationships with the neighbors to the church, and for their upcoming Sunday launch service.